Building Shapes
University Co-op students are lively, inquisitive, caring, and compassionate. Students build life-long confidence, academic skills, creativity and friendships. The University Co-op years are a time of great joy, passion and discovery.

University Co-op students tend to be:

Passionate, talented and engaged
Children feel free to pursue their passions and enthusiastically engage in their education. U Co-op students are motivated to explore, discover, and develop their talents. Children feel safe to present their interests to the group, whether those are Broadway plays, dinosaurs, or fashion design. Our students hone skills in their journey as mathematicians, scientists, writers, readers, historians, and life-long learners. Small class sizes and close relationships with their teachers strengthen their desire to learn.

Creative and critical thinkers
Our students are encouraged to develop their creative and artistic sides through our emphasis on the arts. In addition, creative thinking is encouraged and pervades all aspects of our curriculum. Students are encouraged to think in a way that questions, analyzes, examines, scrutinizes, probes, evaluates, and considers many angles.

Collaborators and skilled problem solvers
Our program actively engages students in taking a collaborative approach to identifying and solving problems. They frequently work on projects in groups. By the time students leave our program they have years of experience and solid skills in collaboration and teamwork.

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Experienced communicators and leaders
Our multi-age approach to learning fosters strong mentoring and leadership. University Co-op students build skills and gain confidence in all aspects of communication, particularly speaking in front of a group. Starting in kindergarten and going through 5th grade, there are many events in which students take the stage to present or perform in front of small groups of their peers or the entire community. Our multi-age program and considerable number of adults in the classroom also fosters the ability to communicate well with all age groups.

Confident and independent Our program fosters independence, self-motivation, and risk taking. U Co-op students leave our program with a strong sense of self and confidence in their abilities. They are adept at advocating for themselves and others.

Our emphasis on social emotional learning fosters kindness, caring and understanding of others. Teachers treat the students with a great deal of respect and compassion. This creates an atmosphere where students naturally treat each other in the same manner.

Active citizens
Whether cleaning the school environment, working at the neighborhood pea-patch, making meals for a homeless shelter, or helping at the food bank, our students have the desire and know-how to be active participants in their community.