Balance on a log

University Cooperative School is a community of children, teachers, and families. Together, we create an environment that is both vital and caring, in which children deepen their love of learning, build confidence in their voices, and come to value their own gifts and those of others. We respect each child’s unique nature and foster in our children a strong sense of belonging—the knowledge that they are accepted and valued for who they are. At the same time, we prize and hold before them a vision of their highest potential.

We're committed to
  • Challenging but not hurrying children.

  • Empowering children to become positive and responsible contributors to their classroom, community, and the wider world.

  • Teaching children to speak with honesty and compassion, and to resolve conflicts peacefully.

  • Creating a respectful environment in which we invite children to try new experiences and encourage them to welcome mistakes as opportunities for learning.

  • Cultivating a participatory community approach, which enables parents and teachers to grow and learn alongside the children.

  • Utilizing and recognizing the diverse talents and perspectives that parents bring to the school, as children flourish when they are known and cared for by the family that is our school.

Our educational approach features
  • Multi-age classrooms, which provide the opportunity for children to be collaborators and mentors as well as independent learners.

  • Team teaching, which offers children examples of dynamic, on-going, collaborative relationships.

  • Holistic education in which children become capable thinkers, readers, writers, mathematicians, artists, and scientists; and, at the same time, benefit from even growth in social, emotional, physical, and intellectual skills.

  • A flexible curriculum that is a jumping off place for learning, not a set of expectations held rigidly for all.

  • Hands-on, theme-based learning that integrates the arts and academics.