Learning Space

Our building
At U Co-op students feel that their school is their home away from home. We intentionally designed our spaces to be inviting, comfortable, and cozy. We have two quiet library spaces, a kitchen, an art room, larger community rooms, and separate classrooms. The community recently came together, contributing both time and money, to add a music room and gym. On any given day, students typically spend some time in all of these spaces.

Cowen Park
U Co-op kids climb trees, build forts, and play countless games at the park. Rain or shine, we travel to the park daily. Beyond providing a wide array of recess options, the park supports our curriculum. We take nature explorations along the park's paths, write and read in the forest, and use it as a science laboratory. The park hosts major events like pumpkin carving, release of big-leaf maple seeds, Mudfest (our harvest festival),our Ultimate Frisbee team, and a variety of smaller activities.


The pea patch
University Co-op kids enjoy learning and working in the garden at their very own pea patch. We manage a Giving Garden for the city of Seattle, where the students grow food that is given to a food bank.

Beyond our block
University Co-op’s learning space extends beyond our block to the wide and wondrous community of our neighborhood, city, and the Pacific Northwest. You will find the University Co-op kids asking questions of the mayor in his office downtown, picking up live salmon eggs at the hatchery in Issaquah, going to see President Obama at University of Washington, exploring low tide at Carkeek Park, biking in the San Juan Islands, camping at Indianola, traveling to Portland by train, and much more.