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Donate to UCo-op Now!
University Cooperative School relies upon our extended community to ensure our financial sustainability. At University Co-op, we are committed to keeping tuition reasonable and affordable. University Co-op’s tuition is about half the cost of most Seattle independent schools. However, tuition alone does not cover our yearly operating expenses. We rely on fundraising to bridge the gap. Our generous supporters help us sustain the values of our school, including small class sizes, rich creative arts instruction, and a tuition assistance program.

Here are the most common ways to contribute:

Annual Fund
Every fall, current and alumni families, friends and staff show their support for the school by contributing generously. We typically have an Annual Fund letter, a large gathering (MudFest) at Cowen park, and a house party for adults.

All families are expected to participate in the annual fund. In keeping with University Co-op’s values of community and giving, we strive for 100 percent current family participation.

The annual auction, typically in March is U Co-op’s largest fundraiser. It is an incredibly fun community event and wonderful fundraiser. Here again we strive for 100% current family participation. Every year we raise money that supports operating expenses, tuition assistance, and enrichment. The auction also enables the community to come together in many ways — creating the event, enjoying a great party, and at future, social experiences purchased at the auction.

Give now
If you'd like to give now, contact us or make a direct donation:
  • Volunteering
  • Checks made directly to the University Cooperative School and mailed to U Co-op.
  • Current parents can donate through TADS
  • Gifts of stock. You may be able to eliminate capital gains tax while still earning a tax deduction when you give a gift of stock. If you are interested in giving this type of gift, please contact the school.
  • Credit card payments can be made through

Donate to U Co-op Now!