Noah Prince
Parenting Skills for Diversity and Inclusion with Noah Prince

Monday, May 15th 4-6pm at U Co-op

This 2 hour, interactive parent engagement session will focus on:

  • Heightened skills in the realm of diversity and inclusion. Primarily: Talking to our kids about race, practice with authentic dialogue - building a more open and supportive school culture, which attracts resources and people.
  • Deeper understanding of one another's experiences, opinions and intentions - building an atmosphere of trust.
  • Deeper commitment to a shared vision for Diversity & Inclusion(D&I), and an understanding of how it contributes to a bettereducational experience for our kids.
  • Understanding our personal role in fostering inclusion.
  • Increased motivation to learn and do more in regard to our D&I efforts, setting the stage for further dialogue and education as a group and as individuals.

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First and Foremost Noah is a proud University Co-op alumni! Noah is skilled at facilitating self-awareness development around systemic privilege, diverse partnerships, and cultivating organizational focus on equity. He is particularly motivated to work with other white men from a place of support/challenge in unpacking white/male privilege. He works with corporations, start-ups, school districts non-profits and individual clients. Noah has 15+ years of experience as a leader in equity, inclusion and leadership development work. Noah is honored to serve as a consultant with Potential Unleashed and with White Men as Full Diversity Partners. Noah was previously the assistant director of Race and Equity at Seattle Public Schools.  He holds a B.A. in Black Feminist Thought from Evergreen State College Tacoma; and a Masters in Education from Temple University. His approach is down-to- earth, people centered and engaging.

Sponsored by the University Cooperative Diversity Committee