After U Co-op

University Co-op grads leave as confident public speakers, well-versed in advocating for themselves. They know the core academics they'll need to succeed and have gone through a series of special experiences, culminating in a Rite of Passage, to prepare them for the challenges of middle school and beyond. Whether they go on to a large public school or a small independent school, our alumni report that they are ready academically and socially.

In the last five years, University Co-op grads have attended:
  • Billings
  • Explorer West
  • Lake Washington Girls Middle School
  • The Northwest School
  • Our Lady of the Lake
  • Pacific Crest
  • St. Catherine‚Äôs
  • Seattle Girls School
  • Seattle Public Schools, APP and Spectrum
  • Shoreline Public Schools
  • Bellevue Public Schools