Educational Approach

Cooperative learning environments create students who are intrinsically motivated, intellectually curious, and caring. We empower students by providing choices and encouraging them to take responsibility for their learning. At U Co-op, our hands-on, integrated curriculum provides a strong academic foundation while fostering a true love of learning. In our multi-age classrooms children become adept at leadership, teamwork, and collaboration—skills in high demand in today’s world. Experienced teacher teams work with the children over three years, and thus develop warm relationships and a deep understanding of each child’s needs. Teachers allow each child to grow at his or her own pace. Students are not expected to fit into a “cookie-cutter” set of standards.

Social development is a critical component of the U Co-op curriculum. Children have the opportunity to develop skills in conflict resolution and problem solving. Multi-age groups provide an opportunity for diverse social experiences, including mentoring, cross-grade friendships, and exposure to different abilities and learning styles.

U Co-op supports and honors the different learning styles that children bring to the school by providing multiple avenues for learning. We believe that every child can master skills appropriate to her/his developmental level within an intellectually rich and spiritually nurturing environment.

Children are nurtured by a warm school community. We believe that the presence of parents enhances the sense of community and security for the children and creates a supportive network for parents.