Admissions FAQ

What happens if we are not accepted?
If your child meets our admission criteria, but we are unable to offer a spot to your child initially, your child’s application is placed into a wait pool and will be considered should any openings occur.

What criteria do you use to select students?
We look at a number of different things including teacher evaluations and parent-supplied information. We are primarily looking for families who will be happy at our school and students whose needs we feel we can meet. Beyond that we are looking for gender balance and diversity of all kinds.

How many spots do you typically have?
Our target is to have classes ranging from 14–16 students.

Are siblings given priority for enrollment?
Siblings receive special consideration. If we determine that we can meet the needs of a sibling applicant, their application is given priority.

Does University Co-op have before or after school care?
Our Extended Day Program (EDP) is available every day after school until 6 p.m.

Why does the kindergarten class end at 1:30?
We feel that it is age appropriate for kindergarten children to be in school for four and a half hours each day. We also value the benefits of free time for children at this age, whether it is in afternoon playdates, relaxing time in our EDP program, or playing at home.

What are the parent responsibilities?
In a nutshell, parents work in the classroom, have a parent job at the school, attend monthly meetings, and participate in school-related activities such as fundraising and facilities maintenance. For more specifics, click here.

Do parents have a say in the curriculum?
Curriculum is the responsibility of our teachers.

Do parents teach the children?
Parents assist in the classroom as directed by the teacher. The work shift may involve working with small groups of students or performing various tasks to support the classroom.